Clutched the clothes (n.581) - Dolls series (2021)

33,5x33,5x1 in ~ Collages, Acrilico, Collages

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Artwork n.581
85,00 x 85,00 x 2,50 (cm)

This is another work from the "Dolls - Dolls" series.
I took inspiration on this series thinking about the many women "used" as dolls.

It's a painting made with acrylics and lots of little pieces of paper on which you can read words and phrases scattered here and there.
It is often like this when we really get close to the other person: we perceive their secret messages sometimes yes, sometimes no.

To accomplish this technique I initially used "delicate" office paper in A4 size such as bills, receipts, invoices, bank statements, tax folders, business plans, etc.
Then, during the compulsory quarantine due to COVID-19, having finished all the stocks of A4 paper to recycle, I began to shred the paper in the house and considered waste.
So the latest works have a greater consistency and materiality due to the presence of paper less delicate than the simple A4 sheet.
The paper of the packages of products purchased and consumed in everyday life, reappears in another form, avoiding the landfill: containers of flour, pasta, tins of tuna, toothpaste, medicines, ice cream, advertising flyers ... all paper that I turn into art giving my small contribution to save the world.

This is sold unframed, ready to hang with a hook on the back.
Please note: the frame in the picture is only a simulation; artwork is sold unframed.

The surface has small reliefs and I love to caress it, feeling it...
I also use acrylic resin in surface that gives a glossy effect and protect colors against sunshine and dust.

Signed and dated in back.
Signed in front, if you want.

Each piece is securely packaged, wrapped and protected for shipping and will arrives in a wooden crate completely safe included the Certificate of Authenticity.
I use DHL courier: European shipping arrives in 24/48 hours; International shipping arrives in 48/72 hours.
I need about 7 days to dispatch.
A delivery tracking number is provided.

Different light sources can give different colours on the photos.

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