«Art serves to remember, to leave a testimony of our existence»

Alessio Mazzarulli
My son was helping me painting :)
Born in 1974, living in the Pescara area, I am self-taught and my studies have been of a completely different direction, having graduated in Economics.

After an initial period dedicated to sculpture there was a prolonged stoppage which lasted almost twenty years. Since December 2014 I have started with the "two dimensions" for reasons of time and space, leaving out sculpture and dedicating myself to the creation of acrylic paintings, producing over 500 works in about five years.

I love to paint abstract landscapes but in the last period I'm pushing myself to paint faces of both imaginary and real people.

For me, painting is "blocking time" at that exact moment; one of my paintings is often a faded memory and therefore my works are "worn out, eroded by time". Sometimes the subject of my paintings are glimpses of walls that have also been eroded by time, with mosses and fungi that - over time - grow on the surface.

Time that passes inexorably is the main theme of my works.

Coming from a wonderful experience with the manipulation of clay, I love sculpture, the third dimension, the sense of touch and my paintings are often characterized by reliefs that are well perceptible both to the touch and to the naked eye.

I have not followed artistic or academic studies, I have a degree in Economics and Commerce, therefore the technique I adopt is the result of my personal and continuous research.

In this period I focused on a technique that I perform by recycling paper, mainly from the office (invoices, budgets, receipts, receipts, F24s, payslips, bills, business plans, etc.) paper that instead of sending it to pulp, shreds it and I use it for my works.

With this technique, the figure takes shape by distancing itself: the farther one is from the painting, the better the figure is distinguished. It is as if this technique refers to the condition of the "presbyopic" to be appreciated.

On the other hand, when viewed closely, there is the possibility of having fun searching for the most particular word written in each piece of paper: it is possible to read words such as "customer", "administration", "expired", "bill", "payments", etc. in short, when viewed closely, this technique allows you to take a dip in everyday life.

During the compulsory quarantine due to COVID-19, having finished all the supplies of A4 paper to be recycled, I started shredding all the paper in the house, now considered "waste". Thus the latest works have a greater consistency and materiality due to the presence of less delicate paper than the simple A4 sheet. The wrapping paper present in the products purchased and consumed in daily life, reappears in another form, avoiding landfill: containers of pasta, flour, cans of tuna, toothpaste (even if slightly plasticized, they are fine too), medicines, ice cream, advertising flyers, etc.
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